Month: January 2014

Rob Ford Update (Incase You Missed Any of His Other Antics)

I wasn’t going to post anything else any time soon, but I came across this and I just had to.  Let me just say, this guy is re-writing the definition of a politician.  Guy has barely, if any, legal power in Toronto but you cannot deny that he is having one hell of a time having the title of “Mayor.”  Hey what else is there to do in Canada besides drink and go to McDonald’s?


Read an article here


Jetsons Lifestyle May Be Possible

When I was younger, in Middle School, I had the pleasure of watching October Sky.  It’s cliche and corny to say, but I instantly created a love for space.  I went through the phase of asking every one of my family members for Model Rockets as Christmas presents.  I launched a few, hoping to become a modern day Homer Hickam hoping to become one of the most intelligent man in the world at the mere age of 13, obviously I failed. (more…)

Become President, King, Dictator, Ruler, Emperor, Lord, Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman… Rule Your Own Land

The political scientist and legal curiosity drew me to this article by  I agree, they present some very viable options which I wouldn’t mind doing, maybe I’ll go ahead and lay claim to a spot on the moon in hopes I make it there before I die, you know you have to shoot for the starts because even if you land on the moon, you’re still above everyone, right! (more…)