Become President, King, Dictator, Ruler, Emperor, Lord, Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman… Rule Your Own Land

The political scientist and legal curiosity drew me to this article by  I agree, they present some very viable options which I wouldn’t mind doing, maybe I’ll go ahead and lay claim to a spot on the moon in hopes I make it there before I die, you know you have to shoot for the starts because even if you land on the moon, you’re still above everyone, right!

I grew up thinking, I want a house, a white picket fence, a mustache, an awesome backyard with the greatest grill known to man, a man cave built underneath my garage with at least three beers on tap, a picturesque neighborhood on a cul de sac (aka a dead end if you’re not from New England), being neighbors with my three best friends, an Audi A8 (but more realistically a Turbocharged Subaru Impreza WRX – STI blacked out, tinted windows and lowered suspension, and a hell of a sound system…not that I’ve thought about that at all), waving to my friends every day before I leave to work  (similar to Jim Carrey in “The Truman Show,” but brown skinned and not having people watch me while I shave).

I mean, I don’t have a boat, nor do I have clean fill to dump into the deep ocean and literally create an island.  I’ve experienced some cold weather in my days and having Puerto Rican blood running through my veins, its just not natural to go and try to claim Antarctica.  Unfortunately I’ve been to Costa Rica and took after them and decided to abolish my fierce standing military, which then means I can’t just take over another country.  At the end of the day, instead of buying that ideal modest mansion on the perfect street in suburbia for $500,000, I could just buy an island for $29,000 become Tom Hanks’ twin and bring along my basketball.  Hey at least I wouldn’t have to deal with commuting to school everyday, hell I’d be the smartest man in my kingdom!


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