Jetsons Lifestyle May Be Possible

When I was younger, in Middle School, I had the pleasure of watching October Sky.  It’s cliche and corny to say, but I instantly created a love for space.  I went through the phase of asking every one of my family members for Model Rockets as Christmas presents.  I launched a few, hoping to become a modern day Homer Hickam hoping to become one of the most intelligent man in the world at the mere age of 13, obviously I failed. (more…)


Become President, King, Dictator, Ruler, Emperor, Lord, Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman… Rule Your Own Land

The political scientist and legal curiosity drew me to this article by  I agree, they present some very viable options which I wouldn’t mind doing, maybe I’ll go ahead and lay claim to a spot on the moon in hopes I make it there before I die, you know you have to shoot for the starts because even if you land on the moon, you’re still above everyone, right! (more…)